GSD Powder Coating and Sandblasting

Cerakote™ Engine Coatings

Thermal Barrier Coatings:

Used to significantly reduce heat transfer of components that operate at elevated temperatures. Cerakote™ Piston Coat can be used on piston tops, valves and combustion chambers.

Dry Film Lubricants:

Used to create a permanent lubricated surface to impede galling and the seizing of components. Cerakote™ Micro Slick prevents surface-to-surface contact, thus reducing friction and wear between mating surfaces. This coating is often used on piston skirts, cylinder walls, crankshafts and gears.

Heat Dissipation Coatings:

Used to transfer heat away from a substrate resulting in increased efficiencies, performance and longevity of the coated part. Cerakote™ Transfer Black is a ceramic bonded, thermal conductive coating that is formulated to provide an increase in thermal transfer of 35-40% from a metal substrate to a free flowing air environment. Transfer Black is recommended for use on brake drums, brake rotors, radiators, oil colors, differentials, transmission cases and turbo intercoolers.

GSD can accept parts to be coated either by visiting our showroom during normal hours or by USPS, FEDEX or UPS shipping.

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