Firearm Coating

GSD Coatings offers Cerakote™ Firearm Coatings and is recognized by NIC Industries, the leading supplier of ceramic coated products, as a premier Certified Applicator.

With a unique ceramic backbone, Cerakote™ Firearm Coatings improve performance and reliability over conventional finishes. This state-of-the-art coating technology out-performs any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications. The unique formulation used for Cerakote™ Firearm Coatings enhances a number of physical performance properties. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote™ products remain at the forefront of the firearm coatings market.

Cerakote™ Firearm Coatings are available in over 70 colors with close matches to many popular aftermarket accessories. Single or multiple coats may be used to achieve unlimited finishes and designs. Our applicators are trained in both freehand and complex stencil patterns. Examples of our work can be found in our FIREARMS GALLERY. For more ideas, browse through hundreds of photos HERE.

Additionally, private label and exclusive color agreements are available for OEMs and retailers.

GSD offers a safe environment for items that are to be coated including video surveillance and locked storage. Please help us to responsibly handle your equipment by fully disassembling the firearm. GSD does not assemble/disassemble any firearm as this action is beyond the scope of coating the individual parts. We can help you locate a qualified gunsmith if needed.

GSD can accept parts to be coated either by visiting our showroom during normal hours or by USPS, FEDEX or UPS shipping. Please include or SHIP FORM and a copy of your driver’s license when sending parts.

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